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Das DIMQ "Valuable-concept". The deciding steps for your success.

The core business of DIMQ consists of consulting and supporting clients in the areas data management, data integration, master data management, data quality and business intelligence. At this DIMQ accompanies the client during all project stages, from the analysis to the operation. Thus the client receives a complete solution from a single source.

1. Consulting & Analysis 2. Conception 3. Design 4. Modelling 5. Development 6. Roll Out 7. Maintenance & Operation
The initial stage is very deciding for later success in the project. This is the experience from large and complex IT-projects, which DIMQ has supervised so far.  Our advantage: Since we are not a purely consulting orientated company, we always know what we are talking about. And no matter how complex your IT-landscape is, we understand the requirements. At this we consider must- and can-criteria in order to deliver realistic standards for the conception. At this stage we select suitable tools for your requirements. Based on best practice-applications and with the help of our longstanding experience, a realistic concept is created. In the end we inspect each concept for its sustainability. We perform small tests at this stage already, and can generate mass data to measure response times for instance.

The design describes the architecture, information content and information flow. Here the foundations for later success are laid.

Twi things are deciding for the data modelling: performance and transparency. Performance, because everything has to operate quickly. Transparency, because you as a client have to understand precisely, what has been modelled. Our data models are as simple and efficient as possible – even for very demanding technological IT-surroundings.

We implement your design inputs and also consider special cases. At this stage we particularly pay attention to quality as usual. Our longstanding experience in this area benefits you here too, as we guarantee a fast implementation.

We accompany you during the implementing. Here it becomes apparent very quickly, that after the roll out you dispose of current and sound data material at any time. Because we keep our word and convert your data into an asset.

If you so wish, we also perform maintenance for you. In any case, you obtain an extensive documentation from us. This enables you to work on the system fast and effectively where necessary.

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