Wir machen Ihre Daten wertvoll!
Wir bringen Ihre Daten zum Glänzen!
Das Wertvoll-Konzept!
Premium Beratung und Lösungsanbieter!
Konzepte, Architektur, Umsetzung, Inbetriebnahme!

We create solutions systematically.

The aim is always a finished product. Every step of the process is agreed with you and your employees. DIMQ guarantees you high quality and an adequate price.

Win a significant competitive advantage by relocating responsibilities and activities. Are you in need of new approaches to a problem, resp. perspectives or simply a covering at peak capacity. DIMQ Factory is the right solution scenario for you.

We support you during all stages of the project: analysis, design, Implementation, test, documentation and deployment are the norm for us. We try to structure the individual stages effectively with the help of reusable approaches. By introducing a Factory Approach, regular activities in your company will be designed anew and, where applicable, increase the competitive context of your company.

  • Architecture
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Test
  • Documentation
  • Deployment